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Ready-made crypto funds with no annual fees

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Smart exposure to digital currencies

This is your opportunity to gain exposure to the crypto market. Our portfolios are designed to minimize long-term risk while benefiting from the accumulated growth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other leading cryptocurrencies.


Cryptos by Market Cap

A diversified index of leading cryptocurrencies, each with a market cap of over $1B and a daily trading volume of over $20M. Weights are distributed proportionately according to the size of each crypto’s market cap, with a minimum of 5%.

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The TIE Sentiment AI

In an exclusive partnership with the TIE, Social Media Analytics (SMA) expertly analyzes more than 850 million daily tweets for their crypto sentiment, and the portfolio is weighted accordingly. Rebalancing takes place monthly and is done algorithmically, using advanced machine learning techniques.

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Top Cryptocurrencies

For clients who desire exposure to the world’s top two cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, together in one fully managed portfolio. Each cryptocurrency’s performance is analyzed in depth and rebalanced automatically to maximize gain potential.

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What are SmartPortfolios?
SmartPortfolios are ready-made portfolios created by eToro. They bundle together a collection of assets chosen and rebalanced regularly according to a predetermined strategy.
Is there a minimum capital requirement?
Yes, there is a minimum buy-in of $500, depending on the specific SmartPortfolio.
How long should I expect to keep my funds in a SmartPortfolio?
While there is no restriction on stopping your holding at any time, SmartPortfolios are structured as medium- to long-term trading strategies, and, therefore, longer holding periods are recommended.
Can I stop holding my SmartPortfolio at any time?
Yes. You can stop holding a SmartPortfolio at any time you wish, and positions will be closed at current market rates.
What does eToro charge for this service?
There are no annual fees associated with SmartPortfolios. However, other transactions such as fund withdrawals will incur our usual fees. Visit the eToro Fees page to view our pricing policy.
How and when is a SmartPortfolio rebalanced?
Over time, the value of individual cryptocurrencies in a diversified portfolio moves up and down, varying from their original target weights. A rebalancing mechanism closes and opens positions periodically, in order to maintain the asset allocation ratio in keeping with the SmartPortfolio’s strategy. No action is required by you, as the rebalancing is performed automatically. The rebalancing period differs from one SmartPortfolio to another and is specified in the prospectus for each SmartPortfolio.
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eToro USA LLC; Investments are subject to market risk, including the possible loss of principal.