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Pinterest Inc. (PINS) is a leading social media provider, established in January, 2010. The San Francisco based company launched its popular image sharing service two months later. Pinterest was founded by Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra and is available almost anywhere in the world, in a wide variety of languages. It is estimated that roughly three quarters of Pinterest users are female, with the community generating billions of shares (also known as pins, on the platform) over the last several years. Pinterest went public in April 18, 2019. With a staggering IPO valuation of 10 billion USD, Pinterest stock value turned many of the company’s employees into millionaires, most notably its CEO, Ben Silbermann, believed to have earned over $1.6 billion USD at the time of the IPO. Some industry pundits have voiced their concern that Pinterest could become a less employee-friendly business, as the company shifts to a more shareholder-oriented ideology. Want to learn more about PINS stock? Simply add the stock to your watchlist.

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