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eToro is making APE available to trade on our platform soon after APE’s public launch. eToro is not a launch partner. As a newly issued asset, there will be additional risks you need to consider. There could be limited liquidity in APE, meaning it could be difficult for you to trade APE after you've bought it. It is likely there will only be a limited number of venues and providers offering APE from whom we can source prices and trade APE. This means prices could be volatile, going up and down quickly, and liquidity may be limited, all depending on supply and demand. eToro cannot control these external factors. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, $APE is the token of the APE ecosystem. $APE is an ERC-20 utility and governance token that serves as the open-source protocol layer for the APE ecosystem, providing control to its holders and enhancing member engagement. $APE acts as a functional shared currency, operating without the need for a third-party, centralised body. The $APE token is designed to facilitate the creation of a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) that will eventually be run entirely by $APE token holders using proposal and voting mechanisms commonplace within the crypto space. $APE holders will be able to support the ecosystem and decide how the APE Foundation – the legal entity that facilitates governance and implements DAO decisions – spends the Ecosystem Fund, including for marketing, moderator, and development purposes The APE ecosystem will also be enhanced with play-to-earn blockchain games, physical merchandise, events, and more. Third-party developers can also incorporate $APE into their projects, allowing them to participate in the APE ecosystem. There is a total supply of 1 billion $APE, the majority of which is allocated to the Ecosystem Fund. Stay up to date with the latest NFT and cryptocurrency trends by adding $APE to your eToro watchlist.

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