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Located in San Diego, California, Dexcom manufactures and distributes continuous glucose monitoring systems. These systems are designed especially for diabetes management. Dexcom was founded in 1999, and has released several versions of its devices, with improved communications, sensors and calibrations. Dexcom owns over 40 patents. Dexcom, stock ticker: DXCM, is listed on the Nasdaq and is part of the Russell 1000 Component. Dexcom’s IPO took place in 2005, raising the company $56.4 million. Share price was valued between $12 and $14, with 4.7 million shares made available to the public. Dexcom owns several key subsidiaries: TypeZero Technologies LLC, Nintamed GmbH & Co. KG, DXCM Sweden AB, SweetSpot Diabetes Care, Inc. In 2008, Dexcom signed several partnerships to promote development. These included those with Insulet Corporation, Animas Corporation and Edwards Lifesciences. In 2015, after the termination of the partnership with Insulet Corporation, Dexcom entered into a new agreement with Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc. Start trading Dexcom stock, and thousands of other stocks, on the eToro platform.

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