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Fantom is a smart contract platform that aims to progress the scalability and transaction speed of blockchain and maintain cheap operation costs. The company was founded in 2018 with its headquarters in South Korea. The Fantom token FTM can be traded through various major cryptocurrency exchanges. Fantom provides Fantom Wallets as a starting point for all users to store, send, receive FTM. The Fantom DeFi allows users to buy, sell, lend, and borrow assets on its platform. FTM can be used to mint fUSD (through fMint) and access DeFi tools, which can be used to trade for assets (through fSwap) and lend for interest and borrow for tokens (fLend). Fantom uses Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG) based Smart Contact platform to increase the capacity of its blockchain. This technology allows users to experience real-time transactions at large volumes with cryptocurrency due to increased efficiency and compatibility with lower costs than the current blockchain technology. Interested users can run a node to become a validator. This means that users can be a part of Fantom's vision to increase the scalability of blockchain to enable faster digital transactions. It costs 500,000 FTM to participate, along with other hardware requirements stated on its website. Follow the FTM price and stay up to date on its value changes here on eToro.

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