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Fiverr International Ltd. operates an online marketplace that reaches customers worldwide. The company's platform connects freelancers offering digital services in more than 200 categories with businesses. Founded in 2010, Fiverr has its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel. Fiverr's marketplace has been built with a search, find, and order process that mimics a typical e-commerce transaction. The marketplace supports both applying for posted jobs and posting services for sale. As of November 2021, the company supports the listing of services across nine verticals, including graphic and design, video and animation, digital marketing, music and audio, programming and technology, writing and translation, business, lifestyle, and data. Buyers on the online marketplace include businesses of all sizes, while the sellers are typically freelancers and small businesses. The company's network of freelancers is spread across over 160 countries. Available on the NYSE, Fiverr is listed under the ticker FVRR. In addition to its online marketplace, Fiverr offers And.Co, a platform for online back-office services to assist freelancers with task management, contracts, and invoicing. Additionally, Fiverr offers Fiverr Learn, an online learning platform that provides original course content in areas such as copywriting, digital marketing, branding, and graphic design, as well as ClearVoice, a subscription-based content marketing platform designed for medium to large businesses. Monitor the FVRR share price by adding it to your eToro watchlist.

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