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Meta Platforms Inc is the umbrella company for all apps and technologies previously under the Facebook, Inc brand. During the 2021 rebrand, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained that the technology conglomerate was refocusing on the next chapter of the internet, which he dubs the ‘metaverse’. The metaverse will be an immersive, virtual environment that uses holographic, augmented reality and virtual reality technologies to provide a 3D digital space for gaming, communication and social interaction. Founded in 2004, Meta began as the online social networking site Facebook, which expanded to become one of the largest ‘big tech’ companies in the world, encompassing other well known digital brands like Instagram and WhatsApp. As of 2021, Facebook is the world's biggest social network, with 2.91 billion active users. At least 3.51 billion people were using one of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp per month in the same year. The company’s IPO in 2012 was one of the largest in history at the time, raising over $16 billion. Headquartered in Menlo Park, California, the company trades on the Nasdaq under the ticker META. Stay up to date with the latest META share price changes by adding it to your eToro watchlist.

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