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Novartis is based in Switzerland and was created in 1996 following the merger of Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz, companies that date back more than 250 years. This healthcare company uses advanced science and technology to address society’s most challenging healthcare issues. Novartis is mainly focused on treatments for health problems related to cancer, cardiometabolism, immunology and dermatology, neuroscience, ophthalmology, respiratory diseases, and additional related fields. The company operates through two divisions: Innovative Medicines and Sandoz. The Innovative Medicines division is made up of two business units – Novartis Pharmaceuticals and Novartis Oncology. Novartis also operates The Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR), which focus on discovering new drugs that can change the practice of medicine. Overall, the company has over 200 projects in its clinical pipeline and sells its products in 155 countries around the world. Research and development (R&D) is at its core. In 2018, Fortune Magazine named Novartis #4 in its Most Admired Companies Pharmaceutical Industry list. The company’s financial results for the second quarter of fiscal 2019 included an operations net sales increase of 8%. Find NVS price updates and additional relevant information on eToro.

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