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Palantir Technologies Inc. is an application software firm. It builds data analysis solutions for large corporations and government agencies. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Denver, United States, it operates worldwide through 19 offices in 14 countries. In addition to Denver, the main sites are in Washington DC and New York. The company specialises in building data integration platforms that allow organisations to visualise, manage, secure and analyse vast pools of information. Its layered applications permit fully interactive, human-driven, machine-aided analyses. Its ‘Palantir Gotham’ platform integrates, manages, secures and analyses enterprise data while ‘Palantir Metropolis’ integrates, models and analyses huge banks of quantitative data. In September 2020, Palantir announced that it would pursue a direct listing instead of a conventional IPO. That allowed the company to avoid raising capital by instead authorising its stakeholders to sell shares to new investors. Between August 1st and September 1st 2020, the Palantir share price traded on the private market for between $4.17 and $11.50. Based on those prices, its valuation at the time was estimated at between $9.3 billion and $25 billion. The company’s NYSE ticker is PLTR. If you wish to buy stock in Palantir Technologies or chart its share price, just add it to your watchlist under PLTR.

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