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T-MOBILE US INC (TMUS) is a Bellevue, Washington State-based US telecoms corporation listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange. T-Mobile US is the third-largest mobile operator in the US and also has a presence on the Puerto Rican market. T-Mobile US Inc. is still majority-owned by Deutsche Telekom, the German telecoms corporation. T-mobile offers a mobile network service as well as devices and accessories and sells in the postpaid, prepaid and wholesale markets. Devices and device financing are offered through the company’s T-Mobile ONE division. In 2019, the company also established an online-only bank – T-Mobile Money. The app-based bank offers current accounts, a bill payment facility and money transfers. The company was originally founded in 1994 as VoiceStream Wireless and assumed the T-Mobile brand after its 2001 acquisition by Deutsche Telekom. There have been several attempts at a merger with Sprint, another major US mobile network operator, but so far they have all been blocked due to concerns that the size of a combined company would negatively impact market competition. Want to start trading T-MOBILE US INC stocks? Trade it today on the eToro platform.

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