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One of the largest and most successful video game companies in the world, Ubisoft was founded in 1986, in Paris, France. It is one of the oldest video game developers and publishers in existence, with an almost unmatched track record. Its main competitors include Electronic Arts and Activision-Blizzard. Ubisoft is listed on the Euronext stock exchange and the CAC Mid 60 index. Ubisoft stock, symbol UBI.PA, was made available to the public in 1996. The IPO raised $80 million, fuelling the company’s rapid expansion. Ubisoft is part of the CAC Mid 60, an index comprised of the 60 largest companies on the French Bourse, following the 40 biggest companies that make up the CAC 40. In 2015, French media giant Vivendi began to purchase large amounts of Ubisoft stock. Ubisoft, fearing a hostile takeover attempt, started to buy back company shares to increase their voting power. A takeover attempt by Vivendi appeared inevitable in 2017, until both companies reached a closed-door deal that saw Vivendi sell all of its shares in Ubisoft, agreeing not to purchase any new shares for a five-year period. Excited about trading Ubisoft stock? Start now.

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