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Vodafone PLC offers mobile services to a global client base. It was founded in 1982 and currently operates out of two UK based head offices, one in London and one in Newbury. It's services range from mobile phone, fixed line and broadband telecoms to Africa's largest payment platform, M-Pesa. It currently employs 98,000, is in some way operating in a total of 65 countries and supports 330 million users. Vodafone PLC has a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker, LSE: VOD. It also has a secondary listing on the NASDAQ under ticker, NASDAQ: VOD. The VOD share price continues to show strength. It posted all-time highs in Jan 2020 and although falling away from that peak is finding support from investors who see it as a long-term holding. In May 2020, VOD stock boasted EBITDA margin growth for the fifth year in a row. Its exposure to emerging markets forming part of a long-term growth plan whilst income streams from more mature markets also mark it down as a yield stock for income sensitive investors. Adding VOD stock to your eToro watchlist will ensure you can monitor where this mobile services company heads in the future.

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