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Smart Portfolios

Advanced investment portfolios made clear.

Building a tech portfolio involves a lot of questions like what to buy when to buy, where to buy and what’s the strategy?
But the good news is that it’s already done for you.
Meet eToro’s Tech Smart Portfolios.
20 tailor-made investment portfolios, bundling top industry assets, researched and managed by eToro analysts, designed to give you a clear mind in advanced thematic investing.

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Choose your Tech Smart Portfolio and start investing
Invest in the foundation of next-generation connectivity
Invest in cutting-edge marketing innovation
Invest in the new age of battery-powered electricity
Invest in the top technology giants, all in one portfolio
Invest in a rising global superpower
Invest in the technology powering every electronic device
Invest in the infrastructures of the future of data
Invest in genetic engineering, one of today’s most innovative technologies
Invest in the booming digital security market
Invest in the autonomous revolution
Invest in the groundbreaking drone industry
Invest in top innovative players in the food industry
Invest in the four biggest tech companies in one portfolio
Invest in the future of work
Invest in the hottest companies in the gaming market
Invest in a small-yet-lucrative multi-trillion dollar industry
Invest in the digital revolution of money
Invest in the technologies behind the new WFH reality
Invest in emerging companies from pioneering global startup nations
Invest in the multitrillion-dollar e-commerce industry

Past performance is not an indication of future results.

Smart Features

Smart Bundle

Free yourself from traditional passive ETFs. eToro’s Smart Portfolios are built as innovative, dynamic bundles constantly adapted to optimise potential growth.

Smart Diversification

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Enjoy a wide variety of assets you haven't thought about before. Use both vertical and horizontal diversification to tailor your investments to your preferences.

Smart Long-Term

What will be the next big thing? From 5G to Web3, semiconductors to AI, with eToro you can find a Smart Portfolio for any innovative tech revolution and start investing in a future you believe in today.

Smart Portfolios Creation
Smart Themes
eToro’s team of analysts is constantly on the hunt to find the most impactful trends that are projected to play a major role in the future of mankind.
Smart Research
Once a theme is chosen, our analysts thoroughly research its investment universe, including market leaders, performance, growth projection and additional assets which operate within the same theme.
Smart Strategy
Each portfolio is tailored with a unique investment strategy, depending on the theme. Assets within the portfolio are then weighted according to specific metrics, including market cap, revenues, R&D expenditure, and more.
Start Investing Smart
How can you start investing for the long term with eToro’s Smart Portfolios?
Pick a theme you believe in.
Find the Smart Portfolio that suits your vision.
Start investing for the long term from just $500.
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Connect with a community of investors worldwide
Trusted by millions of users
Utilising top-tier security practices
Providing financial services around the world
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