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Initially released in 2017, Hedera tokens (HBAR) are used as the digital currency of Hedera Hashgraph. They are a public distributed ledger, which was built with the aim of supporting new and existing applications that allow for quick and inexpensive collaborations. Hedera provides the same services as public blockchains, but in a way that is more stable and secure as well as faster and more energy efficient. Hedera Hashgraph LLC is based in the US and governed by 39 global enterprises across multiple industries. Governing members include Boeing, Google, and IBM. HBAR has surprised many investors in digital assets with its performance. In June 2021 the cryptocurrency was showing an annual growth rate of more than 800%. This made it one of the most popular and fast-growing altcoins in the market, with a market cap of over $2bn. While it is impossible to predict the future value of any digital asset, there are many investors who will be closely watching future HBAR price movements. Monitor the value of the HBAR price chart on eToro by adding this cryptoasset to your portfolio.

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